Thursday, October 27, 2011

Clean Waters, Wild Forests Westwide Manual

Good News: President Clinton's Roadless Rule was upheld by a panel of 10th Circuit federal judges recently. The bad: there are numerous political attacks being mounted on America's great conservation legacy, including roadless areas on the National Forest System. Until there is a permanent legislative fix protecting roadless forests, they will continue to blow in the political winds.

But WildEarth Guardians is excited to announce the release of a state-by-state, west-wide manual on protecting undeveloped, roadless forests using the Clean Water Act. Until we can secure permanent protection of roadless areas on the National Forest System, the Clean Water Act antidegradation provisions hold a state-level, citizen's tool for protection of waters in roadless areas and in turn the lands that affect the quality of those waters. Although water quality standards vary state-by-state, the antidegradation standard for "Outstanding Waters" is generally quite strong: no degradation. This degree of state-level protection can provide a bulwark against development of wild forests that might lead to degradation of their waters until full federal protection for roadless areas is final.

In this brand new report, "Clean Waters, Wild Forests: A Citizen Manual for Designating Outstanding Waters in the Wild Forests of the Western United States" we've done the work for you of describing in detail the procedures in 13 western states. So, don't wait any longer, get out there and ask your state to give the highest degree of protection to the pristine waters in roadless areas!

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